Automatically generated from the Gemini capsule gemini://

 oooo            .oooo.
 `888          .dP""Y88b
  888                ]8P'      .oooo.o oo.ooooo.   .oooo.    .ooooo.   .ooooo.
  888              <88b.      d88(  "8  888' `88b `P  )88b  d88' `"Y8 d88' `88b
  888  8888888      `88b.     `"Y88b.   888   888  .oP"888  888       888ooo888
  888          o.   .88P  .o. o.  )88b  888   888 d8(  888  888   .o8 888    .o
 o888o         `8bd88P'   Y8P 8""888P'  888bod8P' `Y888""8o `Y8bod8P' `Y8bod8P'

                         A peculiar point in empty space.

l-3 geminispace

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