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Time-stamp: <2021-10-04 01h35 UTC>

Switched to gmnisrv

At some point between April and September 2021 my old SSL certs expired. I took this as an invitation to re-evaluate the server software.

In the end i went with gmnisrv, a small C implementation backed by OpenSSL. Among its draws is the fact that it automatically generates (and presumably maintains?) certificates.


Later ...

A kind sole not only read this, but was generous enough to reach out to help me learn about TOFU and Gemini practices. They directed me to the article

and i learnt some things. Fortunately gmnisrv appears to have set something like an 80 year expiration on these new certs, so apparently its defaults are sane.

To the helpful individual: if you'd like to be credited for point this out, i'd be happy to do so! Thanks for reading and educating!