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Welcome to Gemini Tak. Here you can play against my rather slow, rather unskilled Tak bot on the 5x5 grid size. The game board, state, and log are displayed each turn.

The interface presently makes use of the following unicode characters, listed as ``(black) & (white)'':

Play Tak!

(Only available over Gemini!)

About Tak

The rules of Tak may be found here

Tak rules

and the plies are entered as PTN

PTN explained

About the bot

A somewhat simple negamax+transposition tables backed by a small (1986 weight) convolutional neural network evaluation function, and some extremely naive move ordering. Unfortunately i have yet to implement any sort of temporal difference learning, so the network has been trained on predicting winning probabilities instead of being trained to be a leaf evaluator.

Bot and library source code:

Let me know!

Please send your feedback to, i'd love to know whether people made use of this. I'm especially interested in potential improvements, and plugging the doubtlessly many security holes this particular CGI script has opened up!